building with tree
Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

when things are left alone long enough,
signs of new existence eventually seem to emerge
from the cracks


we’d like to say spring always finds a way;
that life has found a way

the only question is whether we think we are central
to the undeniable powers that flow
through, and which shape, the ages


all the existants that preceded us,
came from somewhere
and turned into someone too


stay home

photo of black sand beach
Photo by Marc-Antoine on Pexels.com

the worst place to be right now is inside my own head



i’m not sure i ever want to be a leader
since i’m nowhere close to being a proper follower,
forgetting to stop at daily checkpoints in the face of
things that are seemingly so much more important


don’t try to pull me out now;
i only just managed to become comfortable with being alone

and alone is the place where i’ll stay,


the thing this crisis asks from us
is literally the hardest thing for me to give

un-bridled care, compassion,
making myself once again aware that







trip to the mall

crown group modern motion
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

why should the act of wrapping two polycarbonate (read: plastic) pens in a brown envelope
and securing them with care and a piece of red tape
when no wrappings were required

be viewed as a new-age-post-sale-customer-retention-luxury-value gimmick?

should we not stretch ourselves beyond the ordinary everyday
to make the seemingly mundane seem less so?


the bright signs and well-lit displays
I might previously have seen as being pointlessly materialistic are now
easily, breathtaking reminders of the beauty of human ingenuity.


we will stop at nothing.

the fact that we can do it,
is reason enough to perform an act

isn’t it?



humanity (one)

painted face of person portrait photo
Photo by Aneesh Ans on Pexels.com

people who blame us for the way that they feel
are the ones who need our help the most

and even though it is so, so difficult
when treated with contempt by said people,
to keep our emotions level
and to not balk, stagger, or cry

and to not let ourselves feel like absolute shit

we really need to try

because that’s the only way
to move humanity forward.