white airplane flying on blue and grey sky
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Welcome to nor of the west, a collection of poems written by an author inspired by the constant integration of knowledge and epiphany from all sources in life and nature, which light the awareness of a soul that is universal, “neither of the east nor of the west.”

These poems are from nowhere and everywhere in that they originate as a result of everyday experiences, that is to say, from nowhere other than the mundane, and yet, they are meant to convey the universality of the truth that surrounds us on all sides, illuminating that which there is to see.

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things.

-Quran, 24:35

All poems and writings are © Saara Punjani 2015-2019. All rights reserved.