Unfinished, indebted

pair of blue socks hanging
Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com

life is a never ending project with ever-expanding scope

always a scuff mark here, peeling paint there

socks that need folding, a too-old sofa set


we can’t ever really start from scratch

we stand on the shoulders of everyone who came before,
always indebted, but never able to fully pay

always moving forward, but never fully in control


there is something interesting and maddening and liberating about planning for something, then relinquishing nearly all control when it comes time for execution

it’s hard

but it’s an art we should probably be thankful to be learning


how rich are our lives going to be, an unfinished project, being articulated as we build over and under each other

it’s okay with me if someone else brings their supplies and joins up wherever, in the middle


close up photo of person with henna tattoo
Photo by Blake Newman on Pexels.com

Oh god,

infuse the henna of my hands with faith
and tell me your story through all the people who create their beautiful artwork around me

and show me your signs through the delicate designs and vibrant colours,
none of which make any sense on their own but together come around in the most beautiful way!


Said she, applying the cool paste onto my palms with careful symmetry:
this is something I can meditate on.


I can’t believe how entwined this transition is becoming with the life I hoped you would provide for me

Please, give me the strength to be strong,
to see the truck you have provided to carry my load, whatever it be

I am on the brink of becoming something more,
a butterfly set to emerge from this bridal cocoon.