over empowered

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Sometimes I think my generation of women has been over empowered

We’ve been told we can have whatever we want
and we don’t need to stand in any line

But we’ve forgotten how to keep our mouths shut,
as we are too well trained in asking questions and making observations,
performing analysis and passing judgment


Why do I feel like womanhood should have some guidance to offer me,
like its not just that all interactions and relationships are doomed to be fucked up anyway

Which relationship has not turned sour in some respect
or become a source of anxiety
or forced me to shut down a part of myself while in it?

But maybe our
over education
over empowerment
over qualification
over contribution
over earning
over seeing
over questioning
are the reasons why things are just over

Can there be two functioning brains in any conversation that will yield an outcome both desire?

It’s also entirely possible that the problem is just me
and unfortunately I can’t see me
which is a real pain


I have to believe that if gender is how we cut it
then neither one is all that cracked up to be

The fight isn’t with the Man
Apparently, it’s just for the Power
And against your own urges,